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TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments, including mandolin, bass and banjo (even taking into consideration the special aspect of the fifth string).

Additionally, TablEdit, while designed for guitarists, by guitarists, is not limited to fretted instruments like other tablature programs. Through ongoing consultation with experts on other instruments, TablEdit has developed support for mountain dulcimer, harmonica, diatonic button accordion, anglo-irish concertina, drums, violin, tin whistle, recorder, xaphoon, native american flute, autoharp, pedal steel guitar, arabic oud...
TablEdit runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Windows Mobile (PocketPC).

Guitar Pro is a musical software program offering all of the functionalities that all guitarists need.
Edit, visualize, and share your scores
Learn to play or improve your technique
Accompany yourself by creating the instrumental tracks of your choice
Enjoy a series of essential tools: scale-validating tool, tuner, metronome, guitar fretboard...

Power Tab Editor is a tablature authoring tool for the Windows operating system. It is intended to be used to create guitar sheet music, more commonly known to musicians as guitar tablature and bass tablature. (aka guitar tab/bass tab). The program provides the most commonly used symbols in tablature, including chord names, chord diagrams, rhythm slashes, bends, slides, hammer-ons/pull-offs, harmonics and palm muting. A useful piece of software for people who want to learn how to play guitar, and for experienced guitarists who want to transcribe their own music and/or guitar lessons. The software can be used by both acoustic and electric guitar players alike.

When inspiration strikes, Finale takes care of the details so you can focus on your music. Capture ideas as fast as you can – with no obstacles to slow you down.
In an instant you can move measures, change keys, or perform dozens of edits to capture, arrange, perfect, and print anything you can imagine.
Finale even offers creative and editorial input, from automatically harmonizing your melody to indicating when an instrument is out of range.
The choice is yours. Play in your notes with a MIDI keyboard, mouse, or computer keyboard. Scan existing sheet music or import a wide variety of file types, including MIDI and MusicXML. You can even capture a brass or woodwind performance with Finale’s MicNotator®.
No more barriers between inspiration and applause.

MuseScore è un programma libero di notazione musicale WYSIWYG multipiattaforma, che offre un'alternativa conveniente a programmi professionali quali Sibelius e Finale.
Alcune caratteristiche:
WYSIWYG (What You See Is Wath You Get), le note si inseriscono in un "foglio musicale virtuale"
Numero illimitato di pentagrammi
Fino a quattro voci per pentagramma
Inserimento delle note facile e veloce con la tastiera del PC, con il mouse, o con una tastiera MIDI
Sequencer integrato e sintetizzatore software FluidSynth
Importazione ed esportazione file MusicXML e Standard MIDI File (SMF)
Disponibile per Windows, Mac e Linux
Licenza GNU GPL

Notation Composer makes it easy to turn any MIDI file into sheet music and arrange it just the way you want it. Perhaps you want to create a special arrangement for your group or maybe you just want to change a few notes. Everything you need is right here.
Change note pitches simply by dragging them and change note durations with a single click.
Add notes, measures, staves, common musical expressions, directions, lyrics, and text — anything you need to add your own flair to the arrangement.
Copy and paste notes or entire regions from the same song or another song.
Enter titles, page numbers, and part names, plus tell Composer which pages to print them on.
Composer also includes all of the features found in Notation Musician.

L'ultima generazione del software di notazione musicale più venduto al mondo, Avid Sibelius 7 è un programma tanto sofisticato da soddisfare le esigenze di compositori, arrangiatori ed editori di più alto livello, ma anche tanto semplice da essere perfetto per studenti e principianti.
Lavorate rapidamente con la nuovissima interfaccia suddivisa per operazioni. Ascoltate le vostre partiture riprodotte in maniera cristallina grazie all'esclusiva libreria di suoni di qualità professionale. Collaborate più facilmente grazie al supporto completo per il formato di interscambio MusicXML e altre opzioni di condivisione. Grazie a questi miglioramenti e molti altri ancora, Sibelius 7 rappresenta il modo più veloce, facile e intelligente di scrivere musica.

The MagicScore music notation software offers excellent capabilities which facilitate the creation of compositions of any complexity, including polyphonic ones.

Use the Virtual Piano!
Use the Virtual Guitar fingerboard!
Score your entry using your own MIDI-device!
Create and work with chords!
Edit and make fine adjustments to phonation in your compositions!
These and numerous other features of MagicScore sheet music software  are provided to assist and support you in your creative work. We are confident that the more you experience its extensive capabilities, the more you will come to enjoy using MagicScore music composing software!

A Multitrack tablature editor and player
With TuxGuitar, you will be able to compose music using the following features

Tablature editor
Score Viewer
Multitrack display
Autoscroll while playing
Note duration management
Various effects (bend, slide, vibrato, hammer-on/pull-off)
Support for triplets (5,6,7,9,10,11,12)
Repeat open and close
Time signature management
Tempo management
Imports and exports gp3,gp4 and gp5 files

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